Packed into a stuffy basement art studio, in the heart of Eunhaeng-dong, I sorted through a bin of assorted ceramic characters. A mandatory excursion as part of an in-service training, decorating the doorplate certainly wasn't my idea, but the challenge served as welcomed mental inspiration.

“Why’d I come here?” For the first time in weeks, I remembered.

“This is my name in Hangul” “Mine says seize the day” Around the room, my peers forcibly shared theirs, and I followed with my simple grey plate titled “research.”

A wave of nervous laughter floated throughout the room, but it didn’t matter, because I understood.

The reason I'd gone to Colorado to teach snowboarding, why I’d traversed the pacific to Korea, and did so again to visit Alaska, have all been the same.

Last year, after 12 months of unemployment, and a lack of interaction, on a steamy summer day in Central Texas, I developed a plan…




Since moving to Keystone Colorado on November 11th, 2017, I've been a Snowboard instructor, an English teacher, a Data enterer…, a Server, and most importantly, a student.

Today, as I browsed through my notes, basking in the 9:00pm Alaska sun, just as I had from that basement ceramics studio, I remembered why. It's about the experiences, the memories, the knowledge. I'm dedicating this journey to research.

More reports to follow.