Escaping barcelona, A day trip to the sea

I woke up twice, stressed out of my mind. Didn't sleep at all from 3am-5.

Under the light of my phone, I searched for my credit card, and booked the flight. An immense relief. Until my alarm rang, I finally slept, deep.

I thought he was arrogant, obnoxious, annoying even. But after two straight days alone in the city, I reached out to Justin in desperation. "Yo, still in town?" I asked. "Yeah" he said. "Busy tonight but headed to Tossa de Mar tomorrow for a day trip." "You're welcome to tag along if you’d like". "Hell yeah!" I replied.


For the first time since arriving in Barcelona, I woke up with purpose. The 12-bunk dorm was silent. I was the first to rise. Out into the empty streets, the breeze felt fresher than before. The horizon matched the brick of the Arc, that I leaned up against, waiting for Justin to arrive.


At the station, we purchased tickets, 12 euro each way. Along the Catalan Coast, we wound into the hills, as the sun rose above the Mediterranean, to the east. On the edge of stone cliffs, with mountains in the distance, before even arriving, I was blown away.

Into the quiet town of Tossa de Mar, we arrived around 10:45. In the visitor’s center, we took a peak at a map, and a list of attractions. A castle, the sea. We decided to wander the cobblestone streets.

With no agenda at all, we sipped cortados from a table on the beach. On a boulder in the water, we sparked the spliff.


Led Zeppelin's Dyer Maker, mixed with the sounds of the sea. Tobacco, coffee, thc. "I'm jealous of myself right now" I said aloud.

The golden rocks we sat on, stretched on as far as I could see. Above, a forest of trees. Cacti mixed in, a lack of humidity. The refreshingly brisk water, which splashed at my feet. Turning from pure blue, to green, to a transparent aqua marine.

We stumbled back to shore and began to explore.


Up the hill, toward the castle walls. From the perch, you could see it all. A Spanish village trapped between rugged mountains and the med sea. Sailboats in the distance. Families enjoying the beach. We stopped at a local grocery and grabbed a bite to eat.

A baguette, a pack of ham, some cheese, and two San Miguels, each. My total was around 5 euro.

On the cool sand of a secluded cove, we sat eating sandwiches, and sipping cervesas in the pleasantly warming sun. With my new straw hat covering my face, for about an hour, I thought about nothing, aside from getting tan.


“Amazing place isn’t it!?” A Dutch couple made conversation. We turned down their offer of Heineken. “Cheers.”

Back in town, I enjoyed a gelato from a stand. We found another beach. More sun, more sea.


Two more beers at 50 cents apiece, and a block of camembert cheese. Five more euro. I was pleased.


Up a set of rugged dirt switchbacks, we rose toward that lookout tower we'd seen. From above, the white buildings of the town had a special sheen. Another picnic, and a bit more spliff. We chatted with an old Belgian couple from the side of the cliff.

With one hour left, we circled above the town in search of one last view. The sun hadn't quite set, but it threatened, projecting a warm glow against the stone of the castle. Below, the waves crashed, washing away the anxiety I'd felt. The trip felt new. I was wrong about Justin, he's actually a pretty good dude, and quite knowledgeable too.

Until the night before I’d never even heard of it. A two-hour bus ride from Barcelona, it isn’t the most popular destination. But, as I sit here in my mountain dorm, I so long for the sun soaked Mediterranean. Tossa de Mar is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been.