Go enjoy the nature

What if I told you there was a place with white limestone cliffs and crystal blue water, akin to those of the Caribbean? A place surrounded by rugged hills, populated with a dark green layer of woods. A place where Armadillo, Centipedes, and according to my Fourth-grade teacher, maybe even the occasional Cougar roam wild. 

This place has miles of trails for hiking, biking, and all of your trail running needs. It's a place to clear your head from the stresses of work, school, and any other worries. A place to contemplate things and a place to find perspective. A place that offers 360° views of the surrounding hills and the wind stirred waters below. A place to spend an hour, an afternoon, or even a night.   

Now, what if I told you this place is just right down the street?  

Located less than 5 miles from downtown Harker Heights Texas (10 from Killeen), Stillhouse Hollow Lake and its surrounding parks offer some of the best natural attractions that no one seems to know about. 

Having spent nearly every weekend of my childhood on the lake, without ever even noticing the surrounding area, this is totally understandable. Often plagued by scorching hot days, and a lack of obvious outdoor attractions, hiking just isn’t that popular in the area. In fact, it wasn't until after I'd moved away to Denver Colorado that I ever even knew what hiking truly was.  

Sure, I'd walked a few of the trails at nearby Chalk Ridge park, but I'd never really journeyed away from the simplest of strolls. Most of which barely took up an hour. But during my most recent stint as a local, I've truly begun to appreciate the area.  

And as the weather begins to cool toward beautiful autumn days, the time for YOU to appreciate it has never been better. So, strap up those athletic shoes, or boots if you have them, and go enjoy the nature. Because speaking from nearly 20 years of personal experience, there really is nothing better to do.