"I" before JR"E"

My phone, face down, just inches from my pillow, quietly emits the familiar into track. “Train by day, Joe Rogan Podcast by night”. It’s a motto to live by.

I first stumbled across the podcast at the end of one of those exhausted YouTube ques that I always seem to mention. And since discovering the convenience of streaming its audio form, I’ve become a regular listener.

Over the course of the last nine months or so, I’ve been exposed to a plethora of well varied thoughts, ideas, and topics. And while I find myself agreeing to much of what Joe says and thinks on the air, I try to maintain a healthy criticism of his statements. Which is why I’m writing.

I believe “The Joe Rogan Experience” or “JRE” is a wonderful source of media, that has personally helped me to act on ideas (Ep #405), to be more understanding of others (Ep #820), and to avoid the constant threat of conformity (Ep #939 ).

But, as with any source of media, his podcast should be considered with caution. Not because of a lack of truth, or because of Joe’s sometimes crude or uncomfortable use of diction, but because even it can become a bit too familiar at times.

Now, before “you fucks”(sorry grandma) start to lose it on me, let me first clarify that I say this not to offend, but to reaffirm the idea that no one man or woman’s opinion should be treated as fact; but instead should be considered as only part of your own understandings and truths.

In today’s world of “smart” (phones, tv’s watches, etc…), the average member of the technologically advanced world is constantly inundated with data. From "shares" on Facebook, “‘snaps” on Snapchat, “retweets” on Twitter, and "likes" on Instagram, to “‘breaking news” alerts on CNN, email "reminders" in Gmail, and “unread messages” in Messenger. But because we choose our apps, our “friends” and “followers”, and our news sites, it can be easy to hear only what we want to hear.

And while the truth is more accessible than ever, it’s still up to us to find it. This is in many ways, an analogy for the JRE itself. Joe's teachings, and those of his guests, should be taken as introductions, that should then be researched and considered independently before conclusions are drawn.

Listening to the Joe Rogan Podcast has reminded me to be myself, it’s motivated me to be more active, and most importantly, through his own story of success, and those of his creative guests, it has inspired me to be relentless in the pursuit of my passions.

It’s a show that explores a variety of topics from a variety of sources. It’s an entertaining and informative source of media that can be conveniently streamed free of charge. It’s a pleasant addition to long commutes, sleepless nights, and even workouts. It’s “The Joe Rogan Podcast, Check it Out”.


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