Choosing a Major

So, you've just finally completed twelve plus years of mandatory education, thirteen if you count kindergarten, and you're somehow crazy enough to voluntarily pursue more? 

I say this not to deter your decision to pursue a college education, but to welcome you to a world of choice. Sure, you've likely had the option to make several small choices throughout high school, and many of them may have felt monumental. But, for the most part, the decisions you have made up to this point in your life have been relatively disposable.

While it may have seemed like the biggest decision in the world when picking out your outfit for the first day of ninth grade, I think we can all agree that these decisions such as your failed attempt to "bring back corduroys" and its residual wedgie are now just humorous memories. But this decision, the decision to pursue education independently is a decision that will shape the rest of your life.  

I bring this up not to scare you, but to remind you one last time to pursue your dreams. I know we all once heard this inspirational phrase as children, but somewhere along the way many of us have stopped believing it. Although this truth may be difficult to face, we cannot deny it's accuracy.

So with that in mind, I ask you to close your eyes and think back to your childhood dreams. Before the pressures of life and its many deterrents occupied your mind, what did you dream of doing?

Although it may be easier to pursue a life as an accountant, is that truly what you want to spend this invaluable period of time studying? For those of you who answer "yes", I applaud you for your eventual service. But for the vast majority of you who answer no, I challenge you to explore your passions.

Choosing a major should never be about how much money it may eventually yield. It should instead be about what interested you so much, that you had to continue your education to explore it further.

Before you let the opinions of others influence it, you had a dream. IDENTIFY it. CHASE it.