This morning, as I rummaged through a bin of unsorted shoes with no time to spare, I came across something that I never thought I’d see again.  

A few months ago, whilst on one of my week-long couch surfing trips, I came home with what felt like a slightly lighter bag. It was nothing major, as my camera, laptop, and other valuable equipment had all been meticulously accounted for. But something was definitely missing.  

It wasn't until two weeks later, as I attempted to list my point and shoot camera for sale, that I identified the missing piece as the cameras' spare battery.  

Now, as I said earlier, this battery wasn't particularly important, and its next day availability for under $20 on Amazon made it easily replaceable, should I ever need to replace it. But still, the principal of losing this thing nearly drove me insane.  

I remember turning over every inch of my house and car looking for it. Finding a fit of frustration as I struggled to retrace every step of a 12-day trip that spanned three states and numerous accommodations. But after hours of franticly searching, I threw in the towel.  

Over the course of the next few days I checked a few more farfetched places as they popped into mind, but after that, I finally moved on. I still held out a small possibility that the battery remained amongst my possessions, but in a world of frustrating things, I simply had no more attention to divert its way.  

Fast forward three months, and there I was, frantically rummaging through my room, once again. And as I searched for a pair of matching shoes in an unsorted bin, a stray boot spilled out of the bin, and the missing battery tumbled onto the floor.