Superfood Harvest bowl

Last night I rolled into town, nourished only by two bags of peanuts, and a hotel breakfast. Wendy's the night before. I never eat fast food. Two long days of hiking and bad sleep. The trip was great, but I was feeling susceptible to a cold, or the flu. 

It'd been two weeks since I'd gone shopping, when I left, the pantry was empty. I ate a "Cheeba hut" sub before going in to city market. I had a list. It was mainly produce.


I stocked up on two rolls of Camembert cheese. Splurged on dark chocolate. Picked up a sleeping mask. Then returned home to call it a day. As I unpacked my many bags, I realized that it wouldn’t all fit, in the refrigerator I share with three others. I oiled a pan with coconut butter, then began chopping and adding the mixture. 


Chopped cauliflower, whole jalapenos, stalks of broccoli, leaves of kale, fresh green beans, whole carrots, whole mushrooms, chopped garlic, sliced onion, chunks of acorn squash,and quarters of green apple, and two cans of chick peas. I put the oven on 375, and slid the pan in. My roommate supplied the wine, a rich zinfandel from California. I offered a plate of cacao chocolate, orange slices, and Camembert cheese. 

An hour and a half later, I remembered the vegetables. They had roasted perfectly. 


I "sampled" by the handful, as I packed them away. 

This morning, I woke up feeling full. Drank a coffee, added a banana and a small square of cacao before sitting down to write. A couple hours later, I had an egg and another coffee, and the ideas began to flow. Then, I looked out my window about an hour ago, and saw the snow. 

Before heading out, I filled a bowl with last night's ingredients. On top, a laid an over-medium egg. I think I'll add avocado and Kimchi when I do it next.