Positivity is key

"Don't fall!" the little girl on the lift warned me. "That's part of it!" I said jokingly. As I stepped off the gondola, I looked left, "Spring Dipper" was the closer walk. "Na, I'd better take it easy" I thought to myself and turned toward "Schoolmarm", the classic green run to the right. The snow was lumpy. Not quite ice, but it'd been baking in the sun for the past two days. My turns felt okay. My music wasn't right. Nothing fit the mood. I'd been anxious all day. I accelerated.

Into it, I carved, toe side. I didn’t bother slowing down. In my head, I envisioned what not to do. "It's simple, let your shoulders guide you". I began the spin. My back faced down the slope. I hesitated. My edge caught, my head whipped. At the clouded sky, I stared from the snow. My goggles were crooked. My helmet loose.

"Are you okay?" The little girl from the lift cruised past. "Yeah, you warned me." I said through a laugh.

My head hurt a bit, and I was slightly embarrassed, but mainly, I was so thankful to be okay. Envision doubt and you'll fail. Positivity is key.

keystone at sunset

keystone at sunset